Sunday, February 5, 2012

Drawn to Life 3: Follow-Through and Drag

In regards to hair, ears, tails, coattails, skirts, basically anything loose and hanging from the form, there will be a difference in the way these things move in space compared to the rest of the body.
As a rule of thumb, as the figure goes one way, these hanging pieces will go the other, as an exaggeration of Newton's Law, and object in motion will stay in motion, and an object at rest will stay at rest, until acted on by an outside source.

To make this more believable, it is best to drag slightly at first, and then increase within move or at end of move (creating an overlap).

These things will always be in a state of drag, because it takes them a while to react to a movement the body makes. Therefore, as the body changes direction for a second time, the hair, etc will still be reacting to the first change.

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